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We‌ ‌hate‌ ‌clichés,‌ ‌
we‌ ‌love‌ ‌copywriting


The Copywriter is an edutainment platform made especially for creatives who seek professional guidance in the creative field and business owners who need authentic copywriting services with a light-hearted tone of voice tailored exclusively for the MENA region.


Why do we hate cliches?

We believe that each one of us has his own story. So, it makes absolutely no sense to write words that do not convey who we are in an authentic way. Afterall, we are all humans. 


How did our story begin?

Our story began when we struggled to find a community that speaks to “the copywriters” in the Middle East, reflecting their daily needs, their dreams & concerns, and sharing their stories behind the campaigns.

Since 2018, we have made our decision by establishing a community where every copywriter feels home, heard, and appreciated.

Through our tried & tested various marketing strategies, we managed over the years to determine the real pain points in the copywriting industry. We found that “business owners” also need help finding the copywriting services that show their authenticity and their real image without “clichés”.


Our achievements

With our passionate and dedicated team, we succeeded in attracting +70,000 followers on Facebook, +3000 Followers on Clubhouse and +25,000 visits on our edutainment blog. We also managed to publish +5000 pieces of content, train +1000 trainees, and conduct +500 workshops and 20 masterclasses.

Winner, Winner

Harvesting our efforts, The Copywriter won 2nd place at “HER” Incubator competition in March 2021.
Now we are thrilled to say that we didn’t only make a great community where copywriters feel home, but also we served +50 clients who loved our clichés-less copywriting services.


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