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David Oglivy once said “If it doesn't sell, it’s not creative”. We believe that the power of writing a good copy is not just about selling, it’s about communicating values to the targeted customers and grabbing their attention in seconds.

Digital Strategy & Social Media Plans

Can you see in the dark? If the answer is yes, then you have an exceptional superpower or you are a cat in a parallel world. Having a solid digital strategy is essential at so many levels and without it businesses may lose time, money, and effort in wrong directions.

SEO & Content Writing

The road to your long-term beloved audience requires to engage and tailor your seo and content writing methods to meet their needs at the right time.

Company Profiles

My name is Bond, James Bond. We are pretty sure that you have recalled the famous soundtrack theme known for Bond while you’re reading this now. Imagine that you can build a lifetime brand that your customers resonate with and make an ever-lasting impression like Bond.

Scripts & Brand Films

Storytelling! Uh, here is a cliché word! No, we craft scripts and brand films that move our heart, give us hope, remind us that life goes on, and eventually makes our customer the hero of his own world.

Product Descriptions

e-commerce, e-commerce, e-commerce is on the rise. Yeah, we heard the great news. But, again what we care about the most is writing product descriptions that serve the product by using our tried-and-tested sensory marketing tools that make your customers feel, taste, hear, touch, and smell your products while he/she is sitting on the couch.

Social Media Management and Reporting

Maintaining a consistent brand voice through communicating with your most favorite asset - your audience is essential part of building your brand. We manage, moderate, and analyze the data, the numbers, and insights to learn and understand the core essence of your customers’ needs.

Email Marketing

From catchy subject lines to onboarding emails and more, you need to engage your customers and remind them with your offers through a consistent digital marketing tool that increases your profits and overall ROI. Pro Tip: Your customers might not have a social media platform and they prefer personalized email marketing communication instead.

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